A new perspective through organic farming

Our local project partner BIPA (Bunong Indigenous People Association) promotes organic farming among the indigenous Bunong community in Mondulkiri, Cambodia. In organic farming, the smallholder farmers affected by land-grabbing find a new perspective.

The indigenous Bunong community in Mondulkiri is affected by land-grabbing through international rubber companies. The loss of their land spreads hopelessness and causes social problems. In organic farming the indigenous people find an alternative way to secure their livelihood as well as hope for the future of their community.

Our partner organisation BIPA provides the farmers with technical know-how in organic farming. BIPA advises them on producing and on marketing of cash crops such as pepper, sacha inchi (Inca peanut) and coffee, as well as on producing compost and organic pesticide. They learn how to successfully cultivate the little land that remains to them and are strengthened in their independence from expensive chemical products. In Bousra, BIPA set up a demonstration farm where seedlings are produced and new cultivation methods are investigated. BIPA’s employees are all Bunong. Their work strengthens the community and creates a new future perspective for the farming families.

Neth Prak

Executive Director BIPA, Kambodscha

„As a grassroots civil society organization created by the Bunong themselves, we have the mission to strengthen the self-help capacity of the Bunong people to solve the pressing land conflicts, enhance the sustainability of their livelihoods and to improve access to education for the Bunong youth. It is one of our strengths that our team, consisting of Bunong people, shares the everyday life of affected communities. That is why we gain knowledge of their needs and together with them we find ways to support them best.”

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