A second chance for disadvantaged women

Our partner organisation XtraOrdinary Women supports women affected by poverty in Managua through basic education and vocational training – so that they can break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The situation is particularly critical for girls and young women from poor backgrounds: many have to leave school too early and thus do not get a job on the official labour market. The women are unemployed or work in the informal sector and live with their families in poverty.

Every year, our partner organisation XtraOrdinary Women offers 40 women the opportunity to complete a basic educational training. The women improve their social skills, catch up on missed basic school education and strengthen their craft skills and creativity. A key aspect of the project is the personal development. A psychologist accompanies the participants. XtraOrdinary Women maintains close partnerships with companies in the private sector, where the participants complete an internship and some obtain permanent employment. A special partnership exists with the in-house fashion label CHURECA CHIC, which produces high quality jewellery out of recycling-paper. The revenues from this social enterprise go to the XtraOrdinary Women education project.

Andrea Paltzer

Director Earth Education Project

„I started XtraOrdinary Women because I saw a way to provide a community with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. I believe that small businesses and social enterprise charities can offer communities a lasting solution to problems they have come across such as lack of education and a lack of employment opportunities“