Ecosolidar – About us
Ecosolidar – About us

About us

An exchange at eye level, mutual respect for each other and an honest interest in the realities on the ground are the strong fundaments of our collaboration with partner organisations that empower people to help themselves.

How does EcoSolidar work?

EcoSolidar has been supporting local small-scale projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America since 1986. We work together with partner organisations in which the people concerned carry out their own projects. Our work focuses on the following areas:

  • Organic agriculture for food security
  • Education and training of children and young people in need
  • Strengthening and education of women affected by poverty and violence
  • Promotion of peace and awareness enhancing projects

Helping people to help themselves is at the heart of our engagement. We reject the imposition of foreign ideas and approaches. Since the people on site develop and implement their own projects, the work remains effective in the long term. Cooperation at eye level with our partner organisations is essential to us. This means that the cooperation will endure in both good and bad times. By supporting social and political initiatives in Switzerland, we take a stand for a social and just society here and worldwide.

Annual Report 2020

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Development concept

Position paper (German)


As a member you strengthen our association and have voting rights at the General Assembly. 

There are two ways to pay the membership fee of 60 CHF per year: You can transfer the amount online with the remark “membership” or you can order a payment slip via:


Andre Affentranger – Geschäftsleiter EcoSolidar
“I consider it a privilege to work in partnership with so many different people in so many different places around the world. The fact that I can witness how they transform their own lives and those of others into something better even under the most difficult conditions is a great gift and motivates me anew every day.”


Christine Gerber – Information, Finanzen und Administration
“The relationships with the people in the projects, with business partners in Switzerland and in the team at EcoSolidar are characterised by mutual respect, trust and a positive attitude to differences. I consider these criteria to be decisive for the success of our work. I can learn a lot from all these relationships, get fully involved and make friends in the most diverse places in the world. It is a privilege that I am very happy about and which motivates me for my work.”


Information, Finances und Administration
Xenia Keller – Projekte und Kommunikation
“Having worked in large development cooperation institutions, I particularly appreciate the close and direct contact with the people in our projects. I can fully identify with the way EcoSolidar works and with its attitude. Our partners are impressive people. Their commitment and their views on life inspire and motivate me a lot.”


Projects und Communikation

Project Partners

GEORGE CHIMPIKO – Projektpartner Malawi
“I was born with a clubfoot and can understand the difficulties of people with a walking disability very well. That is why I, as managing director of KODO, concentrate on this target group. I am very happy that we can contribute to their food security. This fulfils my dream of supporting people with a walking disability.”


Director KODO, Malawi

“Since 1980 Pukllasunchis has cultivated human values, encouraged the equality of all human beings and promoted diversity as an enrichment for everybody.”



“BSDA has been successful at developing strong and positive relationships with the communities where we work. Our mission is to work together to empower vulnerable people, promote compassionate engagement and enhance the quality of life, especially for women, children and youth, through education, health and livelihood development initiatives.”

Bee Chhon Sros

Director BSDA, Kambodscha

Roland Spendlingwimmer – Projektpartner Costa Rica
“For me Circus is a philosophy of life strongly linked to aesthetic and ethical values. The experience of solidarity, freedom and tenderness as well as the total absorption in the artistic performance are all elements that help to develop a self-confident, emancipated and open-minded personality.”


Director Vida Nueva, Costa Rica

SIEDS Kollektiv – Projektpartner Indien
“One of the basic principles underlying the community work is the belief that a woman has the right and ability to make decisions about her life; our role is to facilitate this decision-making process.”



Julio Cusurichi – Projektpartner Peru
“The main objective of FENAMAD is the defense of the rights of indigenous people to self-determination, territory and cultural identity. For us it is a priority to include the young indigenous people of our communities in our activities since its them who inherit our history and on whom the future of our peoples depends.”


Director FENAMED, Peru

Neth Prak – Projektpartner Kambodscha
“As a grassroots civil society organization created by the Bunong themselves, we have the mission to strengthen the self-help capacity of the Bunong people to solve the pressing land conflicts, enhance the sustainability of their livelihoods and to improve access to education for the Bunong youth. It is one of our strengths that our team, consisting of Bunong people, shares the everyday life of affected communities. That is why we gain knowledge of their needs and together with them we find ways to support them best.”


Director BIPA, Kambodscha

Thomas Ngwira – Projektpartner Malawi
“I personally love working with rural communities, particularly with women and children, in solving problems related to food security, nutrition and environment. I have learnt that investing in women benefits everyone in a household as they are directly responsible for the family welfare and that children keep what they learn and the knowledge benefit is long term.”


Director ASUD, Malawi

Sandra Tabita Lozano Rodriguez – Projektpartner Peru
“Our aim is for women, children and young people to be able to strengthen and develop their human and entrepreneurial skills under dignified conditions. To this end, we create and promote space for self-help. We want to contribute to the construction of a just, solidarity-based, non-violent and healthy society in coexistence with its environment.”

Sandra Tabita
Lozano Rodriguez

Project Coordinator, IDEMNNA, Peru



EcoSolidar is a non-profit association with around 2’000 members and 16’500 other donors. The board of directors consists of individuals with particular expertise in the areas of projects and evaluation, human resources, finance, advertising and communication, law, politics and psychology. The association’s board of directors controls and decides on current projects. An external auditor checks the accounts and ZEWO (Zentralstelle für Wohlfahrtsunternehmen) has issued a certificate of approval to EcoSolidar.


Guido Ehrler
Emilio Modena
Marie-Therese Fasser (Compliance Officer)
Ariane Lang
Diether Grünenfelder (founder and former managing director of EcoSolidar. Also board member of fair-fish international.)
Isabella Augustin-Hitz
Christa Sulser
Michèle Abouchar