Circus as an alternative for socially vulnerable children

Circus as an alternative for socially vulnerable children

The circus project CIRCO FANTAZZTICO run by our partner organisation VIDA NUEVA offers children and youths coming from poor districts of San Isidro, Costa Rica, an alternative to gang crime and gives them a new perspective in a difficult social environment

Besides circus trainings in various districts VIDA NUEVA also organises public performances to motivate the children and young adults to participate regularly. One condition for participating in the circus project is a regular school attendance. The project therefore also provides educational work and gives the children and youths future prospects. The circus creates a social community and a safe space where they can spend their free time in a meaningful, positive and healthy way.

The experience of the previous years has shown that the artistic project of VIDA NUEVA provides an opportunity to the children and youths to improve their physical abilities and their social competence. Thereby they gain self-confidence and develop independence as well as team spirit.

Through their social preventive and artistic achievements CIRCO FANTAZZTICO has attained national and international recognition, which gives the artists the opportunity to show their skills at festivals and tours outside of Costa Rica. So far they have been to Switzerland five times. This international success is a high motivation for all the children and youths that have found an alternative to criminalisation in the CIRCO FANTAZZTICO.

Carolina Gil

Director Circo Fantazztico, Costa Rica

“Circo Fantazztico is a dynamic social project. It promotes learning and self-knowledge among the participants and gives them the opportunity to experiment with their own abilities and develop in different areas of life. The circus is also a safe and free space. A refuge from life’s adversities and a place of joy, resilience and nourishment for the soul. Every circus experience is a treasure for every person, whether as a participant, trainer or spectator. For me, social circus is a pedagogy and a means of socio-cultural intervention, innovative and revolutionary.”

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