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Donations instead of gifts

Are Christmas or a birthday coming up and you are still looking for a meaningful and original gift? With a donation you can support our projects in the name of your loved ones in the areas of education for children and young people, empowerment of women or organic farming! 
To make sure that there is something nice to show under the Christmas tree or on the gift table, we will send you a handwritten thank-you card with information on the chosen topic. You can choose: We send the the card and the information directly to the person who receives the gift or we send them to you so that you can hand them over personally.

Gift Donation

Project Areas

Promoting Organic Agriculture

In Malawi and in Cambodia we support projects in which smallholder farmers learn how to improve their livelihood through organic farming. With simple and locally available means these families can change their nutritional situation through diversification so that they are less dependent on expensive seeds and pesticides. Organic farming protects the environment and helps farmers adapt to the climate change.

Promoting Education

In Cambodia, Peru, Nicaragua and Costa Rica we support educational and social projects for children and young people who live in precarious social circumstances. Education and meaningful leisure activities open up new prospects of the future for the young people and promote their self-confidence, initiative and independence. The projects enable them to break out of the vicious circle of poverty and they also strengthen indigenous children and young people who suffer from discrimination.

Empowering Women

In India, Peru and Greece we support projects to strengthen and educate women suffering from poverty and violence. In many development projects women are the most active, because they care about feeding their children and improving the living situation of their families. Generally, however, women’s rights do not correspond to their duties. This often leads to enormous double burdens. To promote development, women must be made to understand their situation and empowered to change it.

Non-specific donations

We use non-specific donations where the money is most urgently needed.

Donation Bank Account

You can also make a gift donation by bank transfer. In this case, after transferring the donation, please send an e-mail to:


Please include the following details:
1. Donation amount
2. Donation purpose (project area)
3. Your personal details and address
4. Personal details of the recipient
5. Address of the recipient (if the thank you card is to be sent directly to the recipient)

ZEWO Seal of Quality

The ZEWO Seal of Quality guarantees a trustworthy use of your donation. Your personal data is kept confidential and transmitted securely.