Food Security for Farmers with a Disability

Food Security for Farmers with a Disability

In Salima, Malawi, KODO empowers disabled farmers in their mobility, income generation and in food security.

KODO’s aim is for disabled people to become mobile and to achieve higher financial independence, food security and to find a place in society. Since 2013, when EcoSolidar organised a knowledge sharing between the partner organisation LOMADEF and KODO, EcoSolidar has supported KODO in the area of organic farming. Since then disabled farmers continue to learn the techniques of composting and agroforestry and have been supported in implementing them by KODO. The organic farming methods are suitable for disabled farmers to farm despite their poor financial resources, as they don’t have to spend a lot of money on hybrid seeds and chemical fertilizers. For people with a disabilities and their families this is a significant step towards independence. KODO supports 150 families in 5 communities around Salima each year.

George Chimpiko - KODO Partnerprojekt

George Chimpiko

Director KODO, Malawi

I was born with a clubfoot and can understand the difficulties of people with a walking disability very well. That is why I, as managing director of KODO, concentrate on this target group. I am very happy that we can contribute to their food security. This fulfils my dream of supporting people with a walking disability”

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