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Global Video Projekt

In 2013 EcoSolidar initiated the Global Video Project. The aim of the project is the video exchange between youths from different countries and social backgrounds.

Young people from different countries and different social backgrounds exchange ideas on topics that concern them all through the medium of film.

What does “youth” mean in Cambodia and what in Switzerland? Does the relationship to food of young people in Japan differ from that of young people in Peru? So far, youngsters from various backgrounds have explored these questions and recorded their perspectives with cell phone cameras.

In 2021, the Global Video Project has a new topic: Young people from Switzerland, Cambodia, Malawi and Peru will exchange ideas on the topic of „My environment and its changes“. Their occupation with the topic will be recorded by professional filmmakers. The four short films will be made into one film, which all four groups will watch and discuss. What have the young people from the other countries thought about this topic? Does this topic equally concern us? Where do we see similarities, where are the differences? The young people’s thoughts on the film will be recorded again and thus the final product will come into being: a film that shows both the perspectives of the young people from the different countries and their thoughts on the contributions of the other countries (to come November 2021).

The project will promote an actual exchange at eye level which gives the participants insights into other realities and enables them to gain a “new” view of the familiar. It will also enhance the young people’s media skills and they will learn how to present their own ideas on film.

Since 2013, about 200 young people from Peru, Cambodia, Japan, Malawi, the Philippines and Switzerland have taken part in the Global Video Project. The films produced can be found on EcoSolidar’s YouTube channel or at