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Setting a mark

Inheritance and legacy

You care about the future and the next generations and the way EcoSolidar works corresponds to your values and ideals? With an inheritance or a legacy in favour of EcoSolidar, you enable us to continue our commitment independently and in the long term. In this way, you make a difference for this world and the next generations far beyond your death.

Since 1986, we at EcoSolidar have been committed to a sustainable development which focuses on helping people to help themselves and on ecologically compatible change. We support local initiatives of committed people who are fully convinced of their project ideas. In doing so, we enter into long-term partnerships in which we realize a consistent and equal cooperation. In this way, the projects remain effective in the long term.

If you have specific questions about the possibility of supporting our work or if you would simply like to learn more about our projects, please contact us. André Affentranger, Business Manager of EcoSolidar, is happy to talk to you personally.

Phone: +41 44 272 42 00

Inheritances and legacies to a non-profit organization like EcoSolidar are exempt from inheritance tax and fully benefit the projects and causes you wish to support.

If you have decided to include EcoSolidar in your will, you can find a form to make a bequest here:

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