Inheritance and legacy

EcoSolidar cares about the future of the next generations. Therefore, we have been campaigning since 1986 for sustainable development that focuses on help that enabels people to help themselves and on ecological development. Our work is possible because our donors support us faithfully. A fairer and more peaceful world is close to many people’s hearts and they want to get closer to this aim by contributing with their inheritance. Maybe you wish to set a lasting example as well? With an inheritance or a legacy in favour of EcoSolidar, you invest in the future of disadvantaged people. By doing so, you enable for example, that:
• children and adolescents from extremely poor circumstances in Cambodia can go to school and finish a vocational education.
• in Malawi farmers with a disability are instructed in biological agriculture.
• women in India that were affected by violence can be advised and looked after.
Inheritances and legacies for a charitable organisation like EcoSolidar are exempt from death duties and are allocated exclusively to the projects you would like to support.
You can find helpful information about settling your estate here, for example:
How di I make a will

In case you have already decided about an inheritance or a legacy for EcoSolidar, you have a possibility to settle your estate here: Dein Adieu Testamentgenerator
If you have any questions concerning your inheritance, please do not hesitate to contact our managing director who will gladly advise you individually and non-bindingly:
André Affentranger, aa@ecosolidar.ch / +41 44 272 42 00