Picture: Antonia Affentranger

My donation campaign

Do you celebrate your birthday and are actually happy without wishes? Or would you like to take part in a TV quiz like Ursus und Nadeschkin and donate your winnings to us? There are many creative ways to turn your own occasion into a personal donation campaign. And this is how it works:
You personally collect at the event:

  1. You can inform us in advance about your donation campaign. We will be happy to send you information material beforehand. Please contact us by e-mail.
  2. Inspire your guests for your plan to donate and collect the donations yourself at the event.
  3. Transfer the collected amount with the purpose (occasion/event and your name) to the EcoSolidar account.

    Postal account: 80-9005-8 / IBAN: CH56 0900 0000 8000 9005 8 / EcoSolidar, Dornacherstrasse 192, Postfach, 4018 Basel.
    Or use the online form: Please enter the reason for payment in the “Remarks” field.

You ask your guests to donate to EcoSolidar instead of giving you a present:

  1. Please inform us in advance about your donation campaign.
  2. Tell your guests about your donation wish.
  3. Communicate to them our account and a unique keyword as the reason for payment, e.g. the event and your name.
    Your guests can also make the donation with the online form: In this case, they enter the reason for payment in the “Remarks” field.
  4. After completion of your donation campaign, you will receive a thank-you card with the total amount that was donated.
    All donors will receive a donation confirmation from us.
    We wish you much pleasure with your personal donation campaign and look forward to hearing from you!