In Matale, Malawi, our partner organisation LOMADEF runs a training centre for organic farming and a demonstration farm.

The farm was built collectively by 40 farming families. Over the years a training centre with 69 clubs has developed. These clubs consist of women and men from different communities in the region. They either come to the training centre to attend courses in locally adapted organic farming or a specialist of the farm visits them in their communities for workshops.

The aim is for the farmers to increase their food production. Not only to generate income but also to fight the food shortages in the area. LOMADEF explores sustainable methods of farming, cultivates its own seeds and imparts methods of composting and irrigation. As a result the participating farmers are no longer dependent on food aid, expensive hybrid seed and chemical fertilizer and pesticides, but can live from the yield of their sustainably managed soils and are able to sell their surplus.

Henderson Chiliza

Director LOMADEF, Malawi

We promote organic farming so poor families can learn about low cost methods of farming and improve their living standard.”