Permakultur Schulgarten Malawi


Our partner organisation ASUD cultivates a permaculture school garden in Ng’ongo, Mzimba, in northern Malawi. ASUD’s aim is to reduce hunger and malnutrition through the promotion of organic farming methods.

Hunger and malnutrition are widely spread in the rural area around Ng’ongo. Our partner organisation ASUD (Action for Sustainable Development) cultivates a permaculture garden at a school in Ng’ongo with around 450 pupils. The yield of the garden ensures balanced meals for the children which is an incentive for school attendance.

At the same time, the garden serves as a demonstration field and training location: Here, the local community learns how hunger and malnutrition can be reduced through locally available means and with little money. Local vegetables and fruits with a high nutritional value are cultivated and promoted since local varieties are more resistant to the impacts of climate change. Further, ASUD teaches how to produce organic fertilizer as an alternative to expensive chemical fertilizer. A piggery serves as a source for the fertilizer.

In 2018, ASUD built a borehole next to the school, which makes it much easier to maintain the garden. The water is also used for drinking, cooking, cleaning and for daily hygiene such as hand washing.

In the community around Ng’ongo, ASUD initiated 15 permaculture clubs. The members of these clubs support each other in applying the newly acquired knowledge and in cultivating their own permaculture gardens.

Thomas Ngwira. Direktor von Asud in Malawi


Director ASUD, Malawi

“I personally love working with rural communities, particularly with women and children, in solving problems related to food security, nutrition and environment. I have learnt that investing in women benefits everyone in a household as they are directly responsible for the family welfare and that children keep what they learn and the knowledge benefit is long term.”

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