Malawi – Africa
PERMACULTURE SCHOOL GARDEN AGAINST HUNGER Our partner organisation ASUD cultivates a permaculture school garden in Ng’ongo, Mzimba, in northern Malawi.
Eswatini – Africa
Small farmers are trained to improve the nutritional situation of their families and to diversify through locally available means. ACAT
Malawi – Africa
KODO’s aim is for disabled people to become mobile and to achieve higher financial independence, food security and to find
Malawi – Africa
The farm was built collectively by 40 farming families. Over the years a training centre with 69 clubs has developed.
Cambodia – Asia
The indigenous Bunong community in Mondulkiri is affected by land-grabbing through international rubber companies. The loss of their land spreads
Combodia – Asia
In the region around Kampong Cham apprenticeships are urgently needed. BSDA (Buddhism for Social Development Action) runs its own social
India – Asia
SIEDS counsels women in threatening situations in the crisis intervention centre in Bangalore and offers temporary protection to women and
Costa Rica – Latin America
Besides circus trainings in various districts VIDA NUEVA also organises public performances to motivate the children and young adults to
Peru – Latin America
The number of young indigenous people that leave their families to pursue their studies in the city of Puerto Maldonado
Peru – Latin America
In the hope of a better life and prospects for the future, thousands of people from all parts of Peru
Peru – Latin America
Children produce bilingual and intercultural radio programmes and thereby are actively included in the school lessons, and have the opportunity
NIcaragua - Latin america
Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The situation is particularly critical for girls and young women
The exchange takes place through the making of short films on a specific topic and the following exchange, discussion and
We support organisations and political initiatives in Switzerland if they have a goal or a subject matter that is central